flip flop fix cover

Flip Flop Fix

Repair on the go.



  • waterproof alu capsule
  • keyring
  • screw driver bit
  • 2 screws
  • needle
  • plastic inlay

15 EUR

incl. VAT and shipping to Germany or Austria.
Write an email if you are from another country.

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Out and about and the darn sandal broke again?

broken flip flop

With this flip flop fix kit you can repair your Havaianas on the go.

When I had to walk barefoot through the jungle I wanted something to fix my shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions

That's almost the price of new pair! Isn't that a little expensive?

How many repairs does it last?

The current version only holds a single screw. So it lasts for a single repair and then needs to be refilled. The kit comes with 2 screws in total. In theory you can even re-use the screws. For the tool itself, there is no good reason it shouldn't last a life time. During testing I've done many repairs with it - probably more than the number of flip flops you will ever own.

Got more questions? Write an email.